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IBS offers a full range of professionally designed "BREWMASTER" fermentation, maturation and serving vessels. All our pressure vessels are compliant with Australian Standard AS1210 and are design-registered to State Government WorkCover requirements. This design registration covers maturation and serving tanks for a working pressure of 250kPa and fermentation tanks for a working pressure of 200kPa.

Built by our ISO9001 certified manufacturing partner company in China, the vessels are manufactured from certified AIS304 grade stainless steel and feature a linished finish on all outer surfaces. The fermentation and maturation/serving vessels are glycol jacketed with welded dimple plate and insulated (where applicable) with foamed-in-place polyurethane.

All vessels come with a side mounted manway and a full complement of pressure valves and multi-position butterfly valves. Fermenters include an externally adjustable racking arm, sanitary sample tap and a pressure/vacuum relief valve (PVRV). Serving and maturation tanks include a pressure/vacuum relief valve, sanitary sample tap and two 200mm sintered titanium carbonation candles and CO2 valves. All vessels are supplied with a 0-400kPa 120mm diameter pressure gauge.

36HL Fermenter
100 HL Fermenter
100HL Fermenter
Dimple Plate Welding
Dimple plate welding

Vessels in shipping cradles
Vessels in shipping cradles
Exterior Foot Welding
Exterior foot welding