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IBS offers a complete range of cost effective and technologically advanced brewing systems. From single infusion electrically heated 5HL and 10HL models to 17HL and 23HL Steam heated 3 and 4 vessel brewhouses. All equipment is compliant with Australian regulatory requirements with glycol chillers, steam boilers, pumps and electrical work all completed by IBS in Australia.

These IBS designs incorporate many features derived from our own "hands on" experience and the input of brewers who have brewed on many different types of equipment. Features such as generously sized Hot and Cold Liquor Tanks, dedicated pumps for Mash Mixer, Mash Tun, Kettle, Whirlpool, HLT and CLT, speed controlled Mash Pump for low shear transfers of wort and milled Lauter plates for trouble free runoff.

The IBS designed electrical control system incorporates an isolated low voltage control panel situated on the brewery platform which is inter-connected to a dedicated Power Distribution Board containing all the heavy power breakers and contactors. This enables easy and fast installation without the worry and hassles of sourcing individual components. The control panel and power distribution board have been designed and assembled in Australia by qualified tradesmen.

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